NIDCR Publication Ordering FAQs

Is there a cost for ordering NIDCR publications?

No, all NIDCR publications are free, and there is no charge for shipping or handling.

Is there a limit to how many publications I can order?

Yes, the number of copies you can order varies by item and may change depending on our supply at the time of the request. The limit for each publication is listed next to its title.

How do I request bulk quantities of publications?

Contact us via e-mail at or telephone at 1-866-232-4528. The NIDCR frequently provides large numbers of publications, beyond the limits of the online catalog, for special events, health fairs, and meetings, and to school and non-profit organizations.

We ask that private dental and medical practices restrict their orders to the limits set on our online catalog.

How often can I order?

You may order our materials once a month. This helps ensure the NIDCR can fill as many orders as possible.

What if I (my colleagues/organization) submit multiple or duplicate orders?

The NIDCR encourages requestors who need large amounts of materials for special events to contact us (see "How do I request bulk quantities of publications?" above). Duplicate or multiple orders may not be processed. Again, this allows us to provide materials to the largest number of people and fill as many orders as possible.

Do you accept backorders for publications that are out of stock?

The NIDCR does not accept backorders. To check the availability of a publication, we suggest visiting our online catalog periodically.

How are publications shipped?

Orders are shipped via the U.S. Postal Service or another ground carrier and generally take up to 3 weeks to arrive. Alternately, we can ship via FedEx if you provide us with your account number. Please note that materials may only be shipped within the U.S. and its territories.